Adidas AdiStar Ride 3 Review

Sometimes you want a light shoe that won’t weigh you down while you run. The Adidas AdiStar Ride 3 is a lightweight running shoe that provides both cushioning and support. Weighing in at about 12 oz per shoe, the Adidas AdiStar Ride 3 adapts to your running surface to provide the smoothest right possible. Even though it is a lightweight shoe, it is heavy on features.

Overview of the Adidas AdiStar Ride 3

This shoe is built with several systems that work together to keep your feet comfortable and happy during your run. The midsole is made from FitFoam, a visco-elastic foam that molds to your foot for a customized fit. The Torsion System adds support to the midfoot which allows it to naturally adapt to the running surface. This helps to control the motions of the rearfoot, preventing it from moving in odd ways that can cause injury. The 3D ForMotion System assists in smooth transitions so that you experience softer landing with each step.

The outsole is made from a high density carbon rubber with provides for durability. If you frequently run over rough surfaces, then this rubber is a great thing to have on your shoes as it enhances traction. Blown rubber is used in the forefoot to reduce wear and tear and improve traction in that area.

Cushioning is provided by adiPrene. This is as EVA based foam that absorbs the impact of your steps. The material is elastic which enhances forward motion and provides additional power for when you toe off. To maintain comfort, an Ortholite sockliner wicks away moisture and kills bacteria to reduce odor. The mesh upper allows air to circulate while the synthetic leather contributes to the shoe’s overall durability and support.

Pros and Cons of the Adidas AdiStar Ride 3

Neutral runners will appreciate the lightweight comfort of the Adidas AdiStar Ride 3. The cushioning technology used in the shoes provides for a smooth ride which allowing you to negotiate just about any type of surface. This is a great feature if you are someone who likes to traverse different types of terrain. The rubber used in the heels ensures you maintain optimal traction even if you are running during suboptimal weather conditions.

Some complaints about the Adidas AdiStar Ride 3 include a dense underfoot. Another issue was that the toebox creased in odd places when running a fast rate. This caused discomfort that could shorten your run. Overall, though, runners and testers found the shoe to be comfortable.

Like most brand name shoes, the Adidas AdiStar Ride 3 lands in the upper price range. It does come in men and women’s sizes in a few different colors including red, orange, and yellow.