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Running Advice - Extra, Issue #004 -- August 2003 Issue
August 24, 2003

Hope you've had a great summer. I know I have but I'm also really looking forward to some cooler weather to run in as well as the start of that other season...Football! :)

Now that fall is almost upon us, some longer races will be coming up. This is a great time to take a look at your current running shoes and decide if they have had just about all the running miles they can stand. A good rule of thumb is to replace your shoes after about 350-500 miles.

Replace those old running shoes if you need to and let's start the fall season WITHOUT a needless running injury.

With that said...let's get started with this month's newsletter.

Jeff Ray

PS: Please send in your funny running stories. I'd love to include some of them in upcoming issues of Running Advice - EXTRA!

Running Quotes

"The talent to be a great runner is a gift to you from God; utilizing that talent is a gift to you from yourself!"

- Source Unknown

Ray's Rambling's

Feel great after 48: Daily running can leave your legs feeling dead. Instead, switch to runing every other day for at least 2 weeks. When you give yourself 48 hours between runs, your body had that much more time to repair the microscopic damage that occurs during tough workouts.

Good Marks: Itís a good idea to date the outside of your running shoe with indelible marker on the day that you purchase new shoes. Itíll help you to remember how old they are.

If you decide that new running shoes are necessary and you want to purchase them online, I highly recommend Sports Basement and Zappos. They both have great prices, selection, and service.

Click here for Sports Basement.

Click here for Zappos.

Coach Speak

Some runners think they can save energy for a race by not warming up. Bad idea. A good warmup fills your muscles with oxygen-rich blood and increases flexibility. Heart rate and respiration also rise, which means you'll work more efficiently during the first few minutes of the race. Skip your warmup, and you'll produce more lactic acid early in the race." - Ed Eyestone

Injury Prevention and Treatment

Got Achilles pain? Then keep it low and slow. Drastic changes in your running routine can cause Achilles problems. Don't rapidly increase your mileage or speed. And be careful not to overdo hill running or stair climbing, and don't run too much after a lay off.

Nutrition Tip

Love Your Lager: Beer lovers, rejoice. A study of Israeli men showed that drinking pale lager might lower your risk of heart attack. Researchers think the lager probably reduces the production of fibrinogen, a protein involving blood clotting.

Workout Spotlight

For a great speed workout, first warm up for 15 minutes, then run 4 minute segments at the following increasing speeds: Run for 1 minute at an easy pace. Then run 1 minute at your average training pace. Shift gears to your 10-K pace for minute 3. For minute 4, run at your 5-K pace. Repeat segments. Try to do four sets of the "4 star" workout for your first session, eventually working up to seven or eight sets. Note: Time flies for this workout because you shift paces so frequently.

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