Nike+ iPod Sport Kit

Summary: Nike+iPod Sport Kit - Nike and Apple have collaborated on a kit that allows runners to use a monitor in their shoes to measure data including calories burned, pace, and distance.

The sensor will transmit the data to an iPod for on-screen display. The data can also be uploaded to a runner's personal log at

The Nike+iPod Sport Kit (available in late July 2006 at $29) comes with a sensor that fits inside compatiable Nike footwear (sold separately) and a wireless receiver that attaches to the iPod.

Data on running time, distance, pace and calories burned can be stored on the iPod, which could then display the information on-screen or delivered audibly through headphones.

After a workout, the data can be automatically sent to a runner's personal log at the website.

An early adopter of the new Nike+iPod Sport Kit is seven time Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong. Armstrong, who plans to run the 2006 New York marathon, states that, "It will take working out to a whole new level.".

The first Nike running shoe to talk to the iPod will be the Nike+ Air Zoom Moire.


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